This article is about Takeshi from Ninja (game). For Takeshi from Final Ninja series, please see Takeshi.

Takeshi[1] is a ninja from Mega Mash who is trying to destroy his enemy Oni Yazuka (a character who makes no appearance in Mega Mash itself).


Takeshi appears as a ninja in a suit.

Game information

Background story

Takeshi set out on a quest to get his bride back, who had been kidnapped by the Tengu Yazuka Clan. He encountered the Trans-Mech_Samurai, and destroyed it. He rescued his bride, and on one rainy night, the ninja disappeared mysteriously, leaving a whole bunch of robot parts.

In game

During the game, the player controls Takeshi in Mega Mash when their character is in the part of the game "Ninja". The player uses the Left and Right keys to move him left and right, the Up key to jump, and the spacebar to shoot ninja stars.


The ninja attacks by shooting ninja stars. He shoots these diagonally up, (which often works against him more than with him). It is because of his diagonally fired ninja stars that enemies on the ground are difficult, and sometimes impossible to destroy.


The ninja can run, jump, and use a few moves other characters in Mega Mash are unable to use. The ninja can create a ninja rope by firing a ninja star and holding the firing button.

When a ninja rope is created, the ninja can swing across chasms and hold on to ledges, and as well pull himself in when a ninja rope is made. Along with being ale to do that, the Ninja can wall slide and wall jump. The ninja wall jumps by jumping at a wall, and continuing to move in that direction. While wall sliding, both feet and one arm are on the wall, while the ninja slowly slides downwards.

The player can exit wall sliding by taking pressure off the key they are pressing. While wall sliding, the ninja can immediately wall jump, by pressing the opposite button of the one it is holding. This move is used to travel upwards when two walls are positioned close to each other.



Ninja star glitch

The glitch

  • There is a unfixed glitch that if a player shoots a ninja star while in Ninja, and then the game switches back to Blast-Man Joe, the ninja star will still remain there; it will disappear after a while.


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