This article is about swords from Hot Air Jr. For swords from other games, please see Swords.

Swords are enemies that appear in level three of Hot Air Jr.


Swords are encountered in three forms in level three, regular swords, red swords, and mini swords. Like all enemies in the Hot Air series, swords have eyes.

Regular swords

When in the ground or ceiling, only the swords' points are visible. They have faces on the lowest point of the sword. The face is sad when the sword is retracted.

When a sword comes out of the ground or ceiling, its expression changes to happy. The handle is a light-orange colour. Swords form rows, with a group lining the ceiling area and another group on the ground.

Mini swords

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Mini swords appear spear-like. They have thinner hilts and a narrower body than regular sword.

Game information

Regular swords

Swords will start out retracted, with only their faces visible. As Hot Air Jr passes between them, they will fully come out, stopping when their points meet.

After remaining there for a brief moment, the swords will retract into the ceiling or ground again. They may also come out even if Hot Air Jr is slow and has not passed between them yet. Direct contact with the swords will instantly pop Hot Air Jr, as is the case with most enemies in the Hot Air series.

Two types of regular swords exist: yellow hilt swords and red hilt swords. Encountered in the first half of level three are yellow hilt swords. These swords move slow enough that the player can speed through them without stopping, if a safe path it taken.

Red hilt swords come out of the ground/ceiling faster then yellow hilt swords, so fast that it is dangerous to speed through this area, as every time the player attempts to speed through without stopping they will always be killed. These swords can only be passed via going in front of one, waiting for it to come out, and when it retracts to zoom past it.

Mini swords

Mini swords are a type of sword found in the middle of level three of Hot Air Jr.. Found in a group of eighteen (nine on the top, nine on the bottom), these swords move automatically regardless of the player being there or not.

They move in a sort of wave like pattern, as one moves out another moves out, and another moves out, but not all simultaneously. Thus, when one retracts back in, the one to the right of it also begins to retract in.

This section provides the largest chance of the player being killed, as if the player goes in to the group at the wrong time, they will likely be speared.