This article is about swords from Double Edged. For swords from other games, please see Swords.

Sword (DE)
Ability Can be used to attack
Damage Medium
Belongs to Enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, Spartans, skeletons
Game Double Edged

The sword is the most common weapon encountered in Double Edged.


Swords are simple, double-edged swords with a straight blade and a light brown handle.

Game information

The sword is the basic default weapon in Double Edged, and the player(s) will always start off a level with a sword. The sword can be wielded and used by almost all enemies, including: enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, and skeletons; most of whom have a sword as their default weapon. It is it is the most used weapon in Double Edged, as it is in every level.

The sword is a fairly powerful weapon. It does more damage than a dagger, but less than all the other weapons in the game. Enemies are only capable of making a slash attack, unlike the Spartans, who can slice and stab as well (they also have their special attack).

The sword's primary function is defeating your enemy, or knocking them unconscious to do so. To do this, the player (or enemy) has to deal six blows in succession. If it does not kill them, this should successfully knock the foe unconscious. This can also be done easier when a large group of enemy soldiers, simultaneously hit the player with a sword.

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