This article is about swords from Ice Breaker series. For swords from other games, please see Swords.

Sword (Ice Breaker)
Ability Cutting ice
Game(s) Ice Breaker series
Icebreaker display

2: - The sword

The sword, or dagger, is an interactive object used by the player in the Ice Breaker series.


The sword is not actually seen during the games. However, the sword's icon appears as a brown T-shaped hilt with a sharp metal bar pointing out of the top. The sword is never actually seen in the game, it is only recognized by the small image in the corner of the screen.

Game information

The sword is an object used by the player used to cut ice throughout the Ice Breaker games. The sword is not actually named in the game, but is known to be a sword by the image on the cut counter. The cut counter is located always at the bottom left side of the screen. It counts how many cuts the player has made, and turns red the closer the player reaches there cut limit. The player is allowed thirty cuts, upon reaching the mark the sword presumably breaks and is unusable, forcing the player to reset the level.

The sword can be used to cut ice, ropes, and deflate valkyries. The sword cannot cut all objects, some types of rock cannot be cut as well as wood, chains, and other objects. The sword cannot be used to kill any creatures, neither Vikings nor rats. To use the sword, the player has to click and drag a direction. A white line will be created, and can be extended at the player's will. Letting go of the left mouse button will cause the sword to cut where the line is. If the area cannot be cut, the line will flash red and not count towards the player's thirty cuts.

Lines that don't flash red will cut. The player cannot make cuts in the air where there is nothing to cut. The sword can be moved anywhere in the level, and moving it towards the edge of the screen will move the screen in that direction. The player can place screws with the sword, detonate ice bombs, and by clicking hand rock and dragging the mouse outside of the Rock, hand links will appear and can be attached to other materials, the links can also be destroyed by cutting the line of energy between the hand and object.


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