This article is about swords from Graveyard Shift. For swords from other games, please see Swords.

Sword(GS)  Sword aimer
The sword icon (left) and reticule (right)
Ammunition Twenty slices
Ability None
Action Makes sword slices
Damage High
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

The sword is a weapon in the game Graveyard Shift.


Swords are found in rectangular boxes with a picture of a blue sword on it.


The sword's icon appears as a knife, with a small pointy blade and handle.


The reticule appears as four cyan bars arranged as if they are pointing at the edges of an invisible square.

Game information

The sword has a longer range of damage than the Gun. When the sword is obtained, the bottom left area where the overheat bar is for the gun will have the Gun(GS) replaced with a Sword(GS), and the overheat bar filled completely with blue. To use the sword, the player has to click and move in a straight line. The line can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or anything in between. When the player drags, upon dragging a certain distance a light blue slice will appear on the screen in the direction they dragged.

The player can make many slices by quickly dragging, but cannot adjust the size of the slice. The sword deals more damage than the gun, and is the only weapon capable of killing puppet armours. The sword can only slice twenty times until it breaks, when it breaks the player's weapon returning to the gun. The sword can be used to kill multiple enemies at once, and because combos like this can be done, this allows the player to easily conserve ammo.

The sword will not make cracks in walls, nor cause grass chippings when used on grass. The sword is a helpful weapon to use, but can be hard to use when trying to protect a maiden, fortunately the player never has to protect a Maiden with the Sword.


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