This article is about switches from Swindler. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switch 2

Open switch Pressed switch (Swindler)
Switches in Swindler 1 (above) and Swindler 2 (below)

Ability Opens gate yellow goo
Game(s) Swindler series

Switches are interactive objects in the Swindler series.


Switches are large, flat, green buttons that can be found in boxes. In Swindler 1, the boxes have purple edges, and pink in-lining the middle. In the middle of the pink is a small, square light that is yellow when turned on.

Game information

Switches can be activated by wrapping the Swindler's cord around it. Once activated, it will cause a function to occur (most often opening a gate) and cause the center of the switch to light up. Once all the switches in the room are activated, they must continued to be pressed in order to keep the gate open.

Many switches are found throughout later levels of Swindler, with as many as six in a room.

In Swindler
In Swindler 2
Switch 2
Open switch
Pressed switch (Swindler)

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