This article is about switches from Submolok. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Submolok Object Switch and Door
Submolok beneath a switch and door
Ability Changes the position of a door
Game(s) Submolok

Switches are interactive objects in Submolok.


Switches appear as a lever with a thin grey bar attached to a larger red sphere. The grey bar is attached to a black semicircular fulcrum which, in turn, is attached on a thin grey base at its centre.

Game information

Switches are found in areas where a door is located, both above and below water. They can first be seen in the main hub area. When Submolok passes through a switch from either side, the switch will rotate and point in the opposite direction. This action occurs so long as Submolok moves through a switch, regardless of which side he approaches the switch from.

When the switch is turned, the door it is connected to will slide in a certain direction until it hits a wall. The door slides back to its original position if the switch is interacted with again, even if the door is still in the process of sliding.

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