This article is about switches from Ice Beak. For switches from other games, please see Switches.


Switch (Ice Beak)

Frozen Switch

Normal Frozen
Ability Opening gates
Game(s) Ice Beak

Switches are interactive objects in the game Ice Beak.


When unfrozen, switches appear mostly brown, red, orange and yellow. The outer shell of the switch is brown, and the inner portion seems to glow with an inner fire, as it flickers between red, orange and yellow quickly. On the top of the switch is a light brown button.

When frozen, the outer shell of the switch remains brown, but the inner fire is extinguished. The inner portion becomes light blue and appears to be covered with a layer of ice.

Game information

Switches always appear next to large gates or blocks. In order for the bird to progress farther in the level, these gates must be opened. Therefore, the nearest switch must be activated.

In order to activate a switch, the bird cannot apply pressure by leaning on it. Instead, it must shoot snow at the switch if it is horizontal. If the switch is vertical, the player must shoot at an enemy, which will then freeze and fall upon the switch, activating it.

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