This article is about levers from Frost Bite 2. For levers from other games, please see Levers.


This article is about switches from Frost Bite 2. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switch (Frost Bite)Lever Switch
A red button switch (left) and lever switch (right)
Ability Activates/deactivates coloured platforms
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Switches are interactive objects introduced in Frost Bite 2. There are two types of switches: button switches and lever switches.


Button switches

Button switches appear as a red coloured button on a square brown base.

Lever switches

Lever switches appear as a lever grey lever with a brown sphere handle on the top. The lever is in the middle of a brown metal square. On the middle bottom of the square are two arrows curving upwards, one on the right and one on the left.

Game information

Frost Bite 2

Both variations of switches debut in Frost Bite 2.

Button switches

Button switches come in two variations: red button switches and green button switches. Both switches interact with flip platforms the same colour as the button. A red button switch, for example, can activate and deactivate red flip platforms. Green button switches do the same, only with green flip platforms. Button switches cannot activate opposite coloured platforms (e.g.: red button switches activating green platforms). They are activated by being shot with the grappling hook.

Lever switches

Lever switches appear mainly in cave segments of level, but are sometimes found in outside mountain segments. Lever switches can reverse the direction of moving lifts, and vice-versa. The direction the lever switch causes the lifts to move is indicated by the direction the lever points. It is activated the same as the button switches, it has to be shot.


Discovered in the files of Frost Bite 2 is a button switch with a white button. It is not certain what its purpose is for, as no white platforms exist in the game's files, and nothing else exists that could be collapsible.

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