This article is about switches from Colourblind. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Colourblind Switches
A deactivated switch (left) and an activated switch (right)
Ability Trigger moving platforms
Game(s) Colourblind

Switches are interactive objects in the game Colourblind.


Switches (when not triggered) appear as boxes with a dark circle inside of them, having a small white button on top of them. When activated, the circle inside of the box turns white and the button appears smaller. 

Game information

The switches can be activated either by the right eye, boxes or crawling clouds, by standing onto them. Upon triggering the button, a platform will start moving slowly and the player will be able to reach further places. If the right eye stands onto a switch and afterwards jumps off or walks away, the button will be deactivated and the platform affected by it will start moving back until it reaches its original starting point. This can be avoided though, by simply placing a box (if available) onto a button that will hold it on.

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