This article is about Switches from Cheese Dreams. For Switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switches are interactive objects in Cheese Dreams. They cause certain effects to happen when pressed, and have a hologram of an icon that indicates what they do.

General Appearance

Switches appear as a colored pad with a hologram image visually indicating what they do (e.g. a image of a key indicates unlocking something). The holograms often faze into a shaky image for a brief second, until going back to normal. When the player or a mouse is on top of it, the pad is pushed down.


Key switches

Main Article: Key switches (Cheese Dreams)

Goal switches

Finish PlatformJPG

A goal switch at the end of a level

Goal Switches are switches that are at found at end of levels in Cheese Dreams.


The pad is white and black checkered and shows a hologram of a flag.

Game Information

These switches are located at the end of levels, and when they are pressed the level will end. The players points will be counted up and they will be given the option to go to the next level or return to the menu. Goal Switches serve as the objective of the player for each level.

Gravity switches

Gravity switch

A gravity switch in Cheese Dreams

Gravity Switches are interactive objects in Cheese Dreams.


The pad is purple and shows a hologram of a mass of a funnel of arrows pointing in the direction gravity is switched.

Game Information

If The Moon lands on one, it will switch the direction of gravity in the game.

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