This article is about switch buttons from Test Subject Blue. For switch buttons from other games, please see Switch buttons.


This article is about switches from Test Subject Blue. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switch buttons are the second type of buttons in the Test Subject series. It was first introduced in Test Subject Green, and was used many times throughout the game - even more times than the Deactivation Button introduced in the previous game. The switch buttons also appeared in Test Subject Arena.


Switch buttons appear bigger than deactivation buttons and a rectangular body with two small purple fins, one on the top and bottom, and two fins on their side that is connected to the wall. They have a big green button that has to be pressed for the button to function.

On the purple block the green button is attached to are two lights. The top light is blue while the bottom is orange. Whenever the orange light is showing, orange coloured teleporters are active, and blue teleporters are active when the blue light is shown.

Game information

Switch buttons can be activated by the player shooting the button, or by orange enzyme bullets hitting the button. When a button is hit, the color of light will either switch to orange or to blue (depending on what color it started on). When a color light is changed, three things can happen: Blue and orange teleporters will activate or deactivate, button activated platforms will become solid or hologram, and mirrors will flip direction.



The blue and orange teleporters

When the light on the button is lit, all orange teleporters on the level will turn off, and all blue teleporters will turn on. When the button is hit again, and the orange light is lit, all blue teleporters on the level will turn off and all orange teleporters will turn on. When a teleporter is off, it cannot be seen or interacted with.

Button activated platforms


Top: Solid

Button activated platforms are a type of platform in Test Subject Green and Test Subject Arena. The platforms are activated depending on the light lit on the switch button. If the light is orange, a hologram for the button is shown. If the light is blue, the solid platform is turned on.

The hologram of the platform appears as an orange outline of the designs on the platform. The hologram cannot be stood on, and it in no way will hurt Blue. The actual platform is made of two metal blocks, each which are a mirror image of each other. A blue line, curving in the middle with two small circles is the design on the block. In some levels, many of these platforms appear.