This article is about switch buttons from Fat Cat. For switch buttons from other games, please see Switch buttons.


This article is about switches from Fat Cat. For switches from other games, please see Switches.

Switch button
Ability Toggles lasers on and off
Game(s) Fat Cat

Switch buttons are interactive objects in the game Fat Cat.


The switches themselves are yellow and are placed on a grey block.

Game information

Switches can be pressed by the owl and can either turn a laser to the direction perpendicular to where the laser originally was or remove the laser, depending on what their set behaviour is.

Occasionally, there will be several switches featured in a level that the player must figure out which one will turn off the correct laser. A movable block, if available, may also be used when the switches will not turn the lasers off in the way the player would like it to go in.


  • If a player turns a switch, then presses pause, then presses resume, the switch would have reverted back to its original side where it laid untouched.

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