This article is about axes from Frost Bite series. For axes from other games, please see Axes.

Swinging axes
Swinging Axes
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage One fifth health
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Swinging axes are hazards in the game Frost Bite 2.


Swinging axes have much of the same appearance as spike sphere chains. They have the same brown base and sphere, and a chain made of small brown spheres. At the end of that chain is a grey axe-head, which is the only original part of this hazard.

Game information

Swinging axes are placed on walls, with the chain and axe always facing down. They constantly swing back and forth in a downwards arc. Swinging axes will cause the player to lose one fifth of their health if they are touched. Every part of swinging axes will harm the player (including the base). Sometimes, axes will be moving at one point to block the pathway, causing the player to have to dash past the area when the axe-head is at the highest point of its swing.

The axes are encountered in great groups as the game progresses, and often cause the player to rush quickly through an area of a level as to not be harmed. The axe swings slower when it is swinging upwards and nearing the climax of its swing, but it moves faster when it is near the bottom of its swing.

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