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Swindler 2
Swindler 2 ico
Swindler is back for a bigger and better drop and roll puzzle filled game.
Released Flash

Nitrome Touchy

  • Premium: November 21st 2012
  • Demo: December 20th 2012
  • Premium: November 21st 2012
  • Demo: December 20th 2013
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Levels 25
Genre Action
Websites, Miniclip

Arrow keys

Prequel/Sequel Swindler
Credits Artwork
Markus Heinel
Additional Art
Martin Wörister
Romain Macré
Dave Cowen
Swindler Menu
Swindler Main
Special Used As demo game for Nitrome Touchy
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Full avatar-swindler
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Full avatar-21

Swindler 2 is the sequel of Swindler, released on November 21, 2012. It is the first Nitrome game to be Nitrome Touchy compatible upon its immediate release[2]. As with the first game, the player controls a swindler that navigates primarily on a cord to help him reach the treasure chests in each level.

This game was made a distributable game on February 27th, 2013.



  • LeftRight Left and right arrow keys - Rotate the world
  • Up Down Up and down arrow keys - Move on the cord in the respective direction
    • Also used to detach the swindler from green goo
  • space Spacebar - Pick up/drop a bomb/boulder


  • Iphone-tilt Tilt - Rotate the world
  • Up and down arrow pad keys - Move on the cord in the respective direction
    • Also used to detach the swindler from green goo
  • Hand icon - Pick up/drop a bomb/boulder


Swindler has twenty-five levels. Most involve the use of moving along the swindler's cord, which is able to press on switches and open doors.

In later levels, the swindler is obligated to detach himself from his cord, thereby cutting off his air supply temporarily. Players need to re-attach the swindler to a loop for his cord before he can open the chest.

Level 1

The first level introduces the basic controls via a speech bubble that appears above the swindler. The player should use the down arrow key to move down the column, until they pass a protruding ledge on the right. The player is prompted to use the left and right arrow keys to tilt the screen and the swindler's position. To travel down the next opening, the player can press and hold the right arrow key or tilt their device right until the swindler dangles into the next opening.

After descending and crossing past the green slime, the player will encounter two enclosed areas, each with one puffing creature. The swindler needs to pass through these areas while avoiding the creatures when they turn orange. Once done successfully, the swindler can reach the nearby treasure chest.

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Swindler 2 - level 100:38

Swindler 2 - level 1

Level 2

This level introduces the mechanic that allows the swindler to detach from his cord and roll around the level. At the start, the swindler must pass through a narrow passageway with a loop at the beginning that forces him to tie his cord and move freely without one. The swindler should continue moving vertically until the player can see a block that has some parts covered with wall yellow goo. Flowers are found in the corners of this region, allowing the swindler to take extra breaths. The player should go through the narrow passageway beside one of the flowers.

The swindler now has to travel through a curving corridor, where he will reach the next enclosure that also has wall yellow goo (on all four sides), except that there are several blocks that protrude from the wall. The swindler should enter through the shorter narrow passageway that has a flower at the end and another passageway completely covered in yellow wall goo. Players should burst this flower for another gulp of air, then travel through the hall. They will come across the chest, but the swindler is required to attach himself to the loop contained in an indentation to the left of the chest before they can complete the level.

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Swindler 2 - level 201:27

Swindler 2 - level 2

Level 3

The second turn of the winding passage the swindler starts in has one side of the wall covered in yellow goo. This area has a propeller yellow goo that, when approached, causes the swindler to be blown away from it. The swindler risks being blown into the wall yellow goo constantly throughout this level.

When the player has reached the end of the first yellow goo-covered wall, they will encounter a second propeller goo enemy. They should rotate the level counter clockwise to continue downwards along another goo covered wall. The player should continue to rotate the level counter clockwise until the swindler hangs over a square-shaped enclosure with a switch in the centre. All sides of this place are covered in yellow goo, along with a propeller goo enemy that flies around.

The player needs to wrap the switch using the swindler's cord, which requires a 360 degree turn around the switch. Once pressed, the door opens, and the swindler can proceed through the opening to the chest.

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Swindler 2 - level 300:56

Swindler 2 - level 3

Level 4

The player is introduced to the wheel, along with the slimy orange goo. For this level, the swindler is forced to hang his cord on the wheel, allowing it to turn. As the swindler descends while his cord is wrapped around the wheel, the two slimy orange goo barriers at the left and right ends start to come closer together, but retract when the swindler ascends. The player must extend the swindler's cord in order to wrap around the six switches necessary to opening the door.

The player can wrap the cord around the first two switches counter-clockwise, then zigzag left and right to press the buttons that face in the corresponding directions. The last two switches can be wrapped around clockwise. While avoiding the orange goo, the swindler can descend to the chest and complete the level.

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Swindler 2 - level 400:38

Swindler 2 - level 4

Level 5

This level introduces orange blocks, which are deadly on contact with the swindler or his cord. One appears at the corner of a passageway that has its walls covered with some yellow goo, preventing the swindler from entering it with his cord. Instead, the player has to descend all the way down until they reach a loop for the swindler to detach himself from his cord. He can now continue down the corridor with patches of yellow goo on the walls.

The player will encounter a flower, then a counter-clockwise and clockwise turn to roll through a narrower passageway with its walls completely covered with yellow goo. An orange block is found next to a star, and across from that, on a ledge, is a loop. The player needs to get the swindler to attach to that loop before the swindler can ascend and get the treasure.

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Swindler 2 - level 500:44

Swindler 2 - level 5

Level 6

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Swindler 2 - level 600:50

Swindler 2 - level 6


Level 7

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Swindler 2 - level 701:22

Swindler 2 - level 7


Level 8

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Swindler 2 - level 800:47

Swindler 2 - level 8


Level 9

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Swindler 2 - level 901:24

Swindler 2 - level 9


Level 10

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Swindler 2 - level 1000:48

Swindler 2 - level 10


Level 11

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Swindler 2 - level 1101:07

Swindler 2 - level 11


Level 12

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Swindler 2 - level 1201:10

Swindler 2 - level 12


Level 13

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Swindler 2 - level 1301:59

Swindler 2 - level 13


Level 14

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Swindler 2 - level 1401:17

Swindler 2 - level 14


Level 15

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Swindler 2 - level 1501:18

Swindler 2 - level 15


Level 16

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Swindler 2 - level 1601:19

Swindler 2 - level 16


Level 17

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Swindler 2 - level 1701:05

Swindler 2 - level 17


Level 18

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Swindler 2 - level 1801:46

Swindler 2 - level 18


Level 19

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Swindler 2 - level 1900:52

Swindler 2 - level 19


Level 20

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Swindler 2 - level 2001:35

Swindler 2 - level 20


Level 21

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Swindler 2 - level 2100:53

Swindler 2 - level 21


Level 22

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Swindler 2 - level 2200:48

Swindler 2 - level 22


Level 23

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Swindler 2 - level 2301:28

Swindler 2 - level 23


Level 24

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Swindler 2 - level 2401:13

Swindler 2 - level 24


Level 25

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Swindler 2 - level 25 ending01:58

Swindler 2 - level 25 ending



Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.

Swindler is seen in a bathtub filled with gold coins, smoking a pipe. Behind him is a female green blob creature, massaging Swindler. She is standing on a book titled "$uccess", this book having Swindler on the cover garbed in a suit and tie.
Swindler 2 - ending00:15

Swindler 2 - ending



New features

New features in Swindler 2 include loops and fruit.

Loops are small metal objects that are found in some levels. When Swindler comes in contact with a loop, it will remove its rope. Now, instead of being held up by a rope, Swindler's spherical body is allowed to roll around the level. However, after a certain a mount of time, Swindler will suffocate and turn brown and red due to lack of air from his rope. Therefore, the player must then maneuver Swindler back to the nearest loop to reattach its rope, or maneuver it to the other new feature, fruits.

Fruits are round plants that contain air that Swindler can breathe. If Swindler comes in contact with a fruit, it will return to its regular green colour and stop suffocating for a few seconds.


  • November 15, 2012 - Nitrome released a video showing the game's art style and a new mechanic not seen in the first Swindler that allowed the main character to detach from the cord and roll around the level.
Swindler 2 Trailer00:34

Swindler 2 Trailer


Nitrome Touchy version

Swindler 2 was the first Nitrome game to be made Nitrome Touchy compatible the same day it was released (November 21, 2012). Like its predecessor, Swindler 2's controls involve the use of tilt to rotate the world, and on screen buttons to move the swindler up and down his cord, as well as picking up and dropping items.

On December 20, 2012, a demo of Swindler 2 was released that could be played by those who have not purchased premium yet, this demo allowing them to try out the game's first two levels for free. Upon completion of the second level, the player is prompted to purchase premium for Touchy to continue playing the game in Touchy mode.


  • Crawling orange goo was created for Swindler, but due to level design issues, as well as bugs that could not be fixed on time, they did not make it into the game [citation needed]. They were finally used in Swindler 2, although they only appear in one level.  


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