Sushi lunch
Ability Restores one third of Takeshi's health
Game(s) Final Ninja series

The sushi lunch is a pick up in the Final Ninja series.


A sushi lunch appears a bowl of noodles or rice with two chopsticks in it including a piece of Sushi, with some type of fish on top (probably salmon or unagi).

Game information

It appears on some levels, usually in places the player has to go. When run into, the player will have one third of their health replenished.

Other appearances

  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo - One level features a destructible billboard that has a large Takeshi running, and on it a sushi lunch and the words "Final Ninja Sushi" and the bottom ends of the sign.
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The level with the sushi lunch cameo.
Rubble Trouble Tokyo Level 2200:32

Rubble Trouble Tokyo Level 22


  • In Final Ninja Zero, it states that the workers in the building hid their sushi lunches from the prying eyes of the Merlock Food Company. In Final Ninja, Takeshi says that it is his favourite food, and also that workers have left them behind.

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