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A Supervirus is a type of enemy nanobot in the game Nanobots.

Game information

Superviruses are stationary nanobots, and are only spawned rarely and in small numbers. Another characteristic of a supervirus is the face that they are powerful and can easily kill the player if they are not careful around them. Superviruses have the highest health of all nanobots of their team.

Superviruses use and resemble the weapon of their team, they also use their team's attacks the most often of all other nanobots.

Red superviruses

Main article: Red superviruses

Red superviruses emit streams of bullets from three cannons on their bodies. They rotate ninety degrees after firing before firing again.

Green superviruses

Main article: Green superviruses

Green superviruses are stationary green nanobots with three orbs rotating around them. To kill green superviruses, the player must dodge the orbs and whack the supervirus itself. It is very hard to kill in phase one.

Yellow superviruses

Main article: Yellow superviruses

Yellow superviruses are protected on two out of four sides by grey armour. They will emit bombs out of random sides of their body. To kill them, the player must drop bombs on their weak side.

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