Super power up

All the super power ups in Mega Mash

Super power ups are objects that can be picked up in all zones of the game Mega Mash. They appear rarely in Mega Mash. When the appear, they have to be used to progress farther through the level. Super power ups appear floating in mid air or on a platform, placing the player in super mode when picked up.


All super power ups appear as a shape with an S in the middle. The super power up in Balloon appears a green sphere. The super power up in Blast-Man Joe appears as a spiky rock. The Smash version appears as a light blue rectangular block, with a big S in the middle. The Ninja super power up appears as a blue pad, which looks like the key cards from Final Ninja.

The most common super power up is the Carrot Story version, which appears as a yellow star. The last type of super power up is the Xolstar 3 one, which appears as a green jewel. All games have a super power up, except Nitrometris, which lacks one.

General game information

The effects of super mode on a character vary from character to character. When in super mode, most characters usually gain powers that allow them to fire bullets, though for characters who already can attack, a super powerup may improve their attacking ability (Blast-Man Joe) or have no effect (Takeshi, Balloon). Nitrometris is the only zone which lacks a super power up.

Super powerups do not grant extra health. Along with (usually) granting improved or extra powers, a character in super mode will usually have a slightly different appearance.



Fire bunny

Fluffykins in super form

Fluffykins' red cap and red shirt turn green, and Fluffykins gains the ability to shoot fireballs.


Takeshi can pick up super power ups, but they do not give him any abilities.

Blast-Man Joe

Blast-Man Joe gains the ability to place four bombs at a time instead of one. However, this can easily backfire if Joe cannot find a place to hide from the blasts from the bomb. Joe's appearance is not changed at all.

Xolstar 3

The Xolstar gains a shield around itself that shields it from all damage. The Xolstar also gains the ability to fire three shots at once, one foreword (like before), one diagonally down, and one diagonally up.


Super Pong

Smash in super form

The balloon can obtain super power ups, but they do not add any ability to it.

Smash & Faceball

Faceball gains no effect from super power ups, but Smash (the paddle) does. Smash gains two cannons on both sides of the paddle, these cannons able to shoot bullets that can destroy coloured blocks and kill enemies, but not harm the Faceball.


  • Some zones have a sprite for a super power up, but it is never used for that zone at all.

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