Gender Male
Species Star
Faction Good
Health N/A
Level(s) 10
Status Alive, returned to its system
Game(s) Cheese Dreams New Moon

The Sun[1] is the fifth and last planet in Cheese Dreams New Moon and is rescued on level 10.


The Sun appears as a large, yellow ball with a huge brown mustache, white eyes, and brown eyebrows.

Game information

The Sun appears to be the core reactor of the S. S. Squeakstar and is the boss of Cheese Dreams: New Moon. It was stolen and held captive by the space mice to power their ship. If the player presses the core reactor release switch, the Sun will fall off the ceiling and start to roll towards the player. The Sun will kill the player on contact unless the player can reach the level's exit.

Because the Sun is larger than the screen and will kill the player instantaneously, the Sun could be considered as a boss, even if it is not evil. The Sun will destroy everything in his path and will swim in the molten cheese without taking any damage.



  • Contrary to the other planets the Moon has to rescue, the PlanetIcon icon will not appear if the Sun is off-screen.
  • The Sun has an almost identical design to the big red star from Nebula.
  • It is not known how the space mice could have captured the Sun, since the Sun is bigger than the S. S. Squeakstar (from the outside).


  1. - Avatars → Hint: Rescue the Sun in Cheese Dreams New Moon!

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