Sumo Wrestler

A sumo wrestler

Sumo wrestlers are objects in the game Rubble Trouble Tokyo.


Sumo wrestlers appear when standing as a person with a big roundish body, with little legs, arms, and a head in the upper middle part of their body. Sumo wrestlers appear on top of structures in Rubble Trouble Tokyo, and upon destroying the structure they pull in their arms and legs and curl into a ball.

Game information

When as a ball, they can destroy bricks and explosive blocks by rolling into them. Sumo wrestlers cannot be killed even though they are a civilian. In some situations the player has to attach one end of the girder to a sumo wrestler and another end to something else, so when the wrestler drops they move like a wrecking ball. Sumo wrestlers appear frequently throughout Rubble Trouble Tokyo.

Dancing bears


A dancing bear

Dancing bears are like sumo wrestlers, but they appear only in the game Rubble Trouble Moscow.


They are a variation of sumo wrestlers, and have the same properties that sumo wrestlers have. They have brown fur, a yellow jacket and a red cap/ball on their head.

Game information

The player can use them to destroy bricks because they are very powerful. In the first level they appear, for example, only one dancing bear destroys the building. This level bears a resemblance to a level in the game Ice Breaker.


  • The dancing bears, oddly, can speak in Rubble Trouble Moscow.

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