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Suits of armour
Attack Fires projectiles
Abilities None
Health Gun(GS)Sword(GS)Grenade(GS) - One hit (collapses)
Points N/A
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Suits of armour are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift.


Suits of armour appears as a suit with a metal piece to go around the body, and armour to go on the legs. Arms are also attached to the part that goes around the body. At the top of the piece going around the body is a helmet.

Game information

suits of armour appears only in the castle levels of Graveyard Shift. It is stationary, and placed on platforms. Suits of armour will, upon seeing the player, ready projectiles to fire at the player. Suits of armour are vulnerable to all weapons, and upon being hit will collapse. When collapsed, a suit of armour's armour will fall to the ground, but quickly assemble itself back again.

When it is collapsed, this cancels the suit's readying of a spike ball projectile. The player can easily make a suit of armour collapse by shooting it every time it comes back up, and during the time it comes up shoot other enemies.

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