Submolok[1] is the main character of the game Submolok.


Submolok, along with the other Cuboids, is actually a green coloured alien inside a shape. He has three eyes and controls a square red-colored ship which has four thrusters to move around, placed at the edges of the ship and pointing diagonally out.

Game information


Submolok, a denizen of a far away planet in Tadpole Galaxy, wanted to find a suitable place for his species to live. Although he meant no harm, a satellite tracked his exploration pod. Fearing it was an attacking ship, was commanded by a general to destroy it by shooting rockets at it. Although Submolok survived, his communications satellite was heavily damaged, forcing him to scout out parts to repair it in order to communicate with his planet.

Submolok eventually repaired the communications satellite and called home. After a Cuboid received his call, all the Cuboids came in with their own exploration pods. They then used hydrogen cannons to fill the Earth completely with water and inhabited the planet.

In game

In the game, the E, X, I and M keys are used to activate Submolok's diagonal thrusters and move him around. With the bomb upgrade, pressing and holding these keys simultaneously will send a shockwave that can destroy blocks and stun enemies, the blocks effected depending on the bomb upgrade the player has obtained. The player can also collect an upgrade that lets Submolok retain water in his ship and allows for an additional thrust on land, as well as a buoyancy upgrade that allows him to travel deeper and have more thrust. Submolok can utilise these upgrades to explore different areas around the communications satellite in order to collect the necessary parts to repair it.

Skin appearances

  • Bad Iceberg - Submolok appears propelling himself out of the water.



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