The submarine (also known as the sub), is the main character in Aquanaut.


The sub has a yellow body with white stripes. It has two big handles which stick out, and a small white propeller which propels the it through the waters. The hull of the ship seems to have no pilot, but instead the ship has two light blue eyes, sometimes seen as a single light blue sphere.

Game information

The submarine follows the player's cursor upon clicking and holding the mouse button. Previously, it could only take three hits before breaking up into pieces and ending the game, but after the Nitrome Touchy update, the health of the submarine was increased to six hits. Its only attack is to drop mines, which can destroy certain enemies on contact.

Most enemies can be killed by destroying them with a mine. The submarine mainly operates in water, but sometimes during its mission, it will find itself out of water and on dry land.


  • The rocket man in Rubble Trouble Moscow is likely a reference to this Submarine, as both have a similar appearance as well as are controlled the same way.

Other appearances


The submarine in the Retro skin