Strong creatures
Strong Blue Creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Throwing basic dark creatures
Health Three blows
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Strong creatures are enemies found in the Twin Shot series.


Strong creatures have a large, muscular body with small legs. Instead of a head, two eyes are near the top of their body. They are extremely brawny, especially in the arms.

Game information

Strong creatures walk at a medium pace and take three blows to kill, and once hit will flash for a few seconds, invulnerable while flashing. Its main and only attack is to throw basic dark creatures. When a dark creature walks up to it, the strong creature will grab the dark creature, and throw in the direction the strong creature was walking. The strong creature is vulnerable for attack when picking up the dark creature.

A thrown dark creature will slide, bouncing off walls, and will also knock the player the same way that the dark creature is being thrown, making these thrown enemies hard to avoid and hard to hit. Strong creatures become like a cannon when there are groups of dark creatures walking around, as they frequently stop to thrown these enemies. When a strong creature has been hit three times, their body parts will go in different angles and fall of the screen.



  • Strong creatures have small legs like the characters in Double Edged.
  • Strong creatures bear a strong resemblance to B2 Super Battle Droids from the Star Wars series.
  • This enemy is very similar to the aliens in the Ben 10 cartoon

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