Stretchy dog
Gender Male
Species Dog
Faction Good
Health 3 hearts (SS); 1 heart (SSIML)
5 hearts (with password CHICKEN)
1 heart (with password MUSCLES)
Level(s) All
Status Alive,
eating meat
Game(s) Silly Sausage, Silly Sausage in Meat Land, Go Pogo

The stretchy dog is a brown coloured dog that has the ability to stretch his body like a sausage. He is the main character of the game Silly Sausage.


The stretchy dog is light brown with a black nose and mouth. He has four brown feet and a tiny brown tail. He has two brown ears with black insides. He has two black eyes above his nose. The dogs body differs in size but he is quite small when not stretched.

Game information

Silly Sausage

The stretchy dog is able to stretch his body in a straight line, vertical, and horizontal. He can only withstand three blows from hazards and enemies before inflating and exploding. When stretched out, his body appears like a sausage.

When he sustains damages from a hazard or enemy while stretched out, he will flash purple and retract to where his legs are, flashing a bit after he retracts. When he flashes after retracting, his is for a short time invulnerable to all hazards and enemies. In each level of Silly Sausage, the stretchy dog attempts to collect all the gems in the level, which will open a finish line which he can use to collect all the gems in the game.

Penguin 1

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In the ending, the dog is placed on a bun, then Bad Ketchup is squirted on him.
Silly Sausage - Ending

Silly Sausage - Ending

The ending

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

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Stretchy dog has the same features from Silly Sausage in Silly Sausage in Meat Land.

Go Pogo

The stretchy dog appears as a playable character in Go Pogo and can be purchased for 150 coins.

The stretchy dog also makes a cameo appearance on walls alongside the words "Silly Sausage".