Stone plated creatures
Stone Plated Creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can withstand damage from a grappling hook
Health Two blows
Game(s) Frost Bite, Frost Bite 2

Stone plated creatures are enemies in the games Frost Bite 1 and 2.


Stone plated creatures have a dark blue body, with two stone plates; one on the back and one on their stomach. The back one has spikes on it. Underneath the plates is the creature's blue body. Below the waist of the creature is its two small feet, while above the neck of the creature is its head. The head holds the creature's visible yellow eye, and their tube like mouth/nose. They have several visible floppy pieces of skin on their head.

Game information

Stone plated creatures walk slowly on platforms. They lack arms, and do not have any way of defending themselves. They are impervious to damage from the grappling hook, thanks to the stone plates on their stomach and back. Walking into any part of the beast will harm the Eskimo. To kill them, the Eskimo has to jump on there floppy head.

Upon jumping once, the stone plated creature will become startled, become stationery for a few seconds, and its plates will crack. Repeating this again will kill it. This is sometimes hard to perform, as stone plated creatures sometimes reside in caves where there is not much room for jumping.

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