Stone heads
Stone Head
Ability Retracts the cylinders for the chain gates
Game(s) Temple Glider

Stone heads are interactive objects in the game Temple Glider.


Stone heads are always on top of a block with a light blue pearl in it, which is possibly because the eyes of the head have light blue pearls in them. The stone head itself is sandy brown with blue circular eyes. It has a square head, a rectangular mouth, two rectangular ears, a nose, and a small rectangular chin. It also has a rectangular base which the it rests on. The stone head is meant to represent an actual human head.

Game information

When the head is stood on by the bird, the head will go down, and its ears will push out, still connected to the head. The cylinders of the chain gates will retract in when this is done. When the head is flown/walked off, the cylinders for the gate will slowly close. In one level, the Egyptian bird has to quickly fly through three chain gates affected by one stone head.

Another level involves the player having to stand on a stone head, which will open a gate, then fly through the gate, then stand on another stone head that opens another gate, then fly through the previous gate they flew through to get out of the room, and quickly fly out the other gate. How long a chain gate stays up is affected by how long the player stands on a stone head.

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