Stone arrows
Stone 1
Price MochiCoins: Free

Post MochiCoins: Free

Abilities Expand into a solid rock with a mouse-click
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Stone arrows are a type of arrow in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


The stone arrow appears to be completely made out of a grey rock, with the shaft, arrowhead, and even the tail made entirely out of stone. However, the stone feathers on the arrow are golden or green coloured. The stone appears to be chipped at some edges. When expanded, the stone arrow appears completely the same, except that all of its parts are enlarged to about four times their normal size.

Game information

Stone arrows, when fired normally, function like regular arrows. However, with a single mouse click, the stone arrow will expand into a huge, indestructible rock that other arrows can end up hitting. Due to the stone arrow's large size when expanded, in some cases it can do more harm than good and block the player's arrow shots as well.

The stone arrow will still function like a normal arrow, though, when expanded. The only exception is that it will be much heavier, which will make it plummet to the ground. If the player clicks after a non-expanded stone arrow hits an object or the ground, the stone arrow will not expand.


Solid as a rock! Click to activate.


  • Notably, the stone arrow's expanding functionality is not explained nor even spoken about in B.C. Bow Contest, not even in the instructions to use the arrow.

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