Stone Tribe
Various villagers who are members of the Stone Tribe. From left to right: basic villagers (far left image, group of five), fisherman (second image from left), archer (middle right), and witch doctor (far right)
Commander Unknown
Base Unnamed area
Location Unnamed area
Reinforcements Archers
Sea archers
Weapons Arrows
Vehicles None
Enemies Giant worm
Status Destroyed

The Stone Tribe is a tribe in the game Worm Food. They are constantly ailed by the giant worm, who they try to kill in the game.


The Stone Tribe, a thousand years prior, fought to eliminate the giant worm population. They succeeded in their war, and thought they had drove it to extinction.

They walked away from their gods of stone, and pursued other gods. A thousand years later, the last surviving worm of the worm species, after finding this out, was driven into a horrible rage. Wanting revenge, it attacked the Stone Tribe, eating the tribes villagers.

The tribe recruited archers; in hopes of destroying the terror. This failed, as well as everything else the tribe did. The tribe asked the other tribes for help. The other tribes agreed to help the Stone Tribe. With soldiers from each tribe on their appropriate animals, they tried protected the village from the oncoming attacks of the Worm.

Support from the other tribes failed, and only amounted to more casualties.

The Stone Tribe themselves successfully killed the monster of a worm with help from their gods, but many years later another was born that sought revenge.


The Stone Tribe seem to make many idols for themselves, as seen from the architecture in the game. This tribe is named likely for the abundance of their stone made objects. As other tribes have protection to fit with there name, the Stone Tribe doesn't seem to have any stone like weapon (other than mines).



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