This article is about blocks from Headcase. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

Sticky green blocks are interactive objects in the game Headcase.


Norman jumping off green blocks


Green sticky blocks are varying shades of green, hence the name, and occur in many sizes. They are mainly translucent, although they have a green outer layer that is opaque. If Norman Noggin tries to jump while standing on sticky green blocks, a green stringy goo will be seen sticking to his feet and pulling him back down.

Game information

Green sticky blocks are similar to pink checkered blocks in that they can be walked on and do not harm the player. However, the main difference is that green blocks can not be jumped off of. If Norman Noggin tries to jump off of a green block by pressing Space, he will jump for a short distance and be pulled back. Also, many enemies and hazards can be found on pink checkered blocks, so the player must be careful not to lead Norman Noggin into any of them.