Stefan Ählin
Stefan Ählin as seen in his Facebook profile.
Occupation Pixel artist
First Game Fault Line
Latest Game Turnament
Joined March 2012
Left Unknown date

Stefan Ählin is a artwork designer for Nitrome.


Stefan Ählin joined Nitrome in March 2010, leaving his self-employment at Torpedolab.

He is a technical graphical artist with focus on mobile devices, Flash games and casual games, with more than three years of industry experience, working with several established companies as freelancer. He lives in London, United Kingdom.

According to his Facebook page, Stefan now works at

Art style

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Experience and Education

From 2003-2004 game developer and illustrator Stefan Ählin studied photography, drawing, painting, sculpting, and art history at the University of Sundvalls Konstkola in Sweden. graduating with a major in Art. In 2003 he started a process of improvement on Högskolan i Skövd, lasting two years. During the final year of college, he was self-employed as a freelancer.

By the end of 2006 Stefan already had another addition to his qualifications, a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Media. In August 2007, he joined Erphenic Studios HB as a co-owner, working as a graphic designer. Stefan worked on several smaller projects and contract jobs for various clients, almost exclusively in the mobile gaming field, doing art assets. For the next one year and seven months he created and operated Torpedolab by himself.


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