Steering pegs
Steerig Peg Steering peg activated
A steering peg unpressed (left) and a upon being pressed (right)
Ability Rolls the parrot towards it
Game(s) Squawk

Steering pegs are interactive objects in the game Squawk.


Steering pegs are cylindrical with flat top on which a bright green button is placed. The cylinder of the steering peg is blue with a dark purple ship's wheel placed on it. When the button on the steering peg is pressed, the button becomes a more vibrant shade of green with green electricity appearing around the button and small green waves going out from it.

Game information

Steering pegs are the parrot's means of movement in Squawk and appear in groups. Clicking on one causes the parrot to roll towards it. They appear from the holes in the deck of the pirate ship in a multitude of patterns and numbers, and make a wave of pegs easier or harder depending on their number and location. They may disappear after a wave of pegs have ended but are present in all cycles.

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