Steamlands series
Ico steamlandsIco steamlandsPP
No. of games 2
First game release date April 2011
Latest game release date October 2011
Relatedness Fan contribution

The Steamlands series is made up of two real-time strategy games, where the player fights tanks while building their own.


Main article: Steamlands

Steamlands is the first game in the Steamlands series. The game was in development for more than half a year. Preview images and videos about the game were shown during the first four months of 2011. The game was released on April 18th, 2011. Several game sites reviewed the game, some sites given access to play the game before release. A level editor could be accessed to make levels or modify existing ones. The game was very popular and spawned a sequel almost exactly four months later.

Steamlands Player Pack

Main article: Steamlands Player Pack

Steamlands Player Pack is a sequel to Steamlands, released in October. The game was consists completely of fan made levels. A few months after Steamlands release, Mat Annal told fans to send in their levels made in dev mode to Nitrome. It was revealed a month later that some of the levels sent in would be part of an expansion for Steamlands. A couple months later the expansion was released as a separate game. Steamlands Player Pack, like its predecessor was reviewed by many Flash gaming sites.

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