This article is about a robot from Rush. For a robot from other games, please see Robots.

Start robot
Start Robot
The start robot about to start the race
Gender Unspecified
Species Robot
Faction Good
Health NPC
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Rush

The start robot is a robot and a character in the game Rush. The robot is present before every race.


The start robot is a grey robot with a dark grey body and light grey hands. It has dark grey head with three light bulbs that first appear red, but when the game starts, they turn green.

Game information

Before every race, it rises out of a mound of snow, with two bars near its bottom edged. The bars will then move around, and join with the other bar on top of the robot.

Two arms will then come out of the bars that were joined, and the arms will push on its hip, pushing the three bars up. After that, the bars will open, revealing a red light. Once all bars have been open, revealing a red light (as seen in the image), they will all turn green and the race will start.

Other then starting the race, it serves no other purpose.


  • Usually when the start robot is about to rise up, the player's browser will slow down heavily, but the browser will go back to normal once the race starts.

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