Start laser
Start Laser
Ability Finishes a lap
Shocks all other runners (eliminator mode only)
Game(s) Rush

The start laser is an interactive object in the game Rush. Along with the start robot, it appears in, and at the start of every race. It is of great importance in race mode and eliminator mode.


In race mode, before the race starts, the laser will appear red. When the race begins, and the laser has been passed, it will turn green.

Game information

In eliminator mode, the start laser is basically a weapon all the runners can use against each other. When the start laser is passed in eliminator mode, it electrocutes all the other runners, and restores two bars of health to the runner who passed it.

Passing the laser in eliminator mode is an easy way to damage opponents. In the middle of the screen in Rush there is a bar showing the faces of the four runners. The closer the runner's face is top the end of the bar, the closer to the laser they are.

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