Starshooters are enemies in Aquanaut.


Starshooters look very similar to starfish, which are found earlier in the game. Starshooters have a pink star shaped covered with many pink squares. The middle of the body has the face of the starshooter, showing its mouth and eyes. Starshooters are smaller than starfish, and although the two creatures look similar, they have a few differences. For example, starshooters look angry, while starfish look happy.

Game information

Starshooters are stationary and placed on platforms. They will fling a star shaped projectile at the player whenever they pass, quickly reloading. Sometimes they may not shoot, but rotate around. Starshooters can be killed, but doing this feat is dangerous and may cause the player to lose health. Two bombs dropped on the starshooter are required to kill them. An emerald is dropped once they are killed.

More than one starshooter are sometimes placed near exits out of an area, to ambush the player. The player has to skillfully avoid their stars, which is hard to do as starshooters always aim prior to shooting a star. Even one starshooter is difficult to pass due to the accuracy of their projectiles.

There are two types of starshooters: A starshooter that shoots stars at the same direction and rotates, and a starshooter that does not rotate and shoots stars in five directions.


Star Projectile

The project-

Starshooters use a weapon for attacking the player. This weapon appears as a small pink star, with a few light pink squares in the middle. Starshooters shoot this weapon when the player passes. A shot star projectile travels at a constant speed, and breaks when it meets a wall.

It will cause the player to lose one point of health, if the player is hit. It has no homing capabilities, so it will always go in a straight direction. The star can be destroyed if it is hit by a bomb, but no treasure will be yielded when this happens. Starshooters possess an infinite number of them, and can reload them quickly.