This article is about stars from Hot Air (series). For stars from other games, please see Stars.

Hot Air Jr. Star
A star from Hot Air Jr
Ability None
Points Eleven
Game(s) Hot Air series, Mega Mash

Stars are pick ups in the Hot Air series. They also appear in Balloon segments of the game Mega Mash.


Stars are yellow with two black eyes and a red mouth. In Mega Mash, they are blue with no face.

Game information

Hot Air series

In the Hot Air series, the stars can be collected in each game in every level. They are usually placed at hard to reach places and are worth eleven points in Hot Air 2 , and if the player reaches a red pad with all the stars in the level collected, they will receive a star token. Star tokens will add extra points to the player's score, and once enough star tokens are collected, new levels will be unlocked.

Mega Mash

See also: Points (Mega Mash)

In Balloon levels of Mega Mash, stars appear blue and rotate. They appear uncommonly, and have no eyes on them unlike the ones from Hot Air. They grant ten points upon being collected.

Hot Air Jr.

The number to be collected, and reward for them is slightly changed. Now in each level, five stars are placed throughout. The player has to obtain all stars in the level and get to the end without dying, to obtain the moustache star. If the player dies, they will be restarted at the start of the level with zero stars, or at the restart pad (if they touched one).

When a level is completed with all stars, the player will obtain a moustache star. Moustache stars are used to unlock levels in the upper room. The stars can still be obtained if the balloon pops and the basket lands on a star, however, this can only be done when the player dies, and these stars are not carried over the next time the player respawns.

In Hot Air 1 & 2
In Mega Mash
In Hot Air Jr.
Yellow Star
Baloon star
Hot Air Jr. Star

Hot Air Jr. Demo

In the demo of Hot Air Jr, fifteen stars are placed throughout the demo's level. If the player collects all the stars, the demo's ending will pop up and the game will end.