This article is about stars from the Cheese Dreams series and Twang. For stars from other games, please see Stars.

Stars are pick ups in the Cheese Dreams series.


Stars appear as small, silver stars the float and spin around three hundred and sixty degrees. In the original Cheese Dreams, they have a grey shadow toward the bottom, but the shadow is light blue in Cheese Dreams New Moon. A thick black line outlines the stars in Cheese Dreams, but was thinned out in the second game. The stars are also a little bit taller than the stars in the original game.

Game information

Cheese Dreams

Stars exist so that they can be collected for points. They are found scattered around levels, and can be found in lines, and in groups. They give ten points in Cheese Dreams.

Cheese Dreams Demo

CD2 Star Counter

The star counter

In the Cheese Dreams Demo, 450 stars were scattered around the level for the player to collect. After collecting them all, the player could try again to try and beat their best time. The stars were kept track of by the star counter found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Penguin 1

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After collecting all the stars, an information box would come up that said "Wow! You have collected all the possible stars available in the seriously rock!".

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

In New Moon the stars are not much different, except collecting enough of them on levels 1-5 can unlock levels 6-10, each level in level set 6-10 costing a higher amount of stars then the previous level.


Cheese Dreams
Cheese Dreams 2 Demo and Cheese Dreams: New Moon
Star C.D
Cheese Dreams 2 Star


  • The stars in Knuckleheads appear very similar to the stars in Cheese Dreams, except they are in capsules.

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