This article is about stars from Bomba. For stars from other games, please see Stars.

Unlit star

Lit star
An unlit star (top) and a lit star (bottom)

Ability Needed to complete level
Game(s) Bomba

Stars[1] are interactive objects in the game Bomba.


Stars appear as a star on a purple circle. The star is dark and green when unlit, and bright and golden yellow when lit.

Game information

Bomba on star

ba on a star

Stars appear in every level of the game Bomba, and are necessary for completing them. Stars appear in usually numbers of five or three, and usually have enemies or hazards blocking the path to them. To activate a star, Bomba has to hover over them, which will light hem up and turn them orange.

Stars also serve as checkpoints for Bomba, as upon dying Bomba will respawn at the last activated star, or at the star of the level if none have been activated. Stars are always placed in areas which can be reached without the use of pick ups (i.e.: stars would not be placed inside moss or water).


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