Star blocks
Cdreams2starblock Cdreams2starblock2
A lit star block (left) and unlit (right)
Ability Gives the moon stars when hit from underneath
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Demo, Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Star blocks are interactive objects in the game Cheese Dreams: New Moon and its demo.


Star blocks appear as greyish blocks similar to platforms, with the difference of having a screen inside of them. On the screen shows a purple star icon constantly rotating horizontally on a turquoise background. When shut down, the star block's screen whites out to a dark purple.

Game information

Star blocks first appear on level 1 of Cheese Dreams: New Moon. In the demo for Cheese Dreams: New Moon they are rather uncommon and are completely optional to hit. When hit from underneath, the star block will dispense a star, and add one star to the star count.

The moon has to hit the star block repeatedly to collect all of the stars it contains, for if the star block has not been hit for a while or is hit from above, it will shut down and no longer dispense stars. If the player has gotten all the stars from a star block and goes back to the play the same level, the star block will remain inactive.


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