Squishy bugs
Canopy Monster 1
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Slides through the branches towards Canopy
Health Invincible
Game(s) Canopy

Squishy Bugs are enemies in the game Canopy. Squishy bugs appear in levels eight, twelve, fourteen, and eighteen only.


Squishy bugs have the same colour scheme as all the enemies in Canopy, being yellow, pink, and white. The squishy bug's body is all yellow, with a big pink eye toward the front. The mouth of the bug is the only part that is white. The squishy bugs have no arms or legs, and move along by contracting and retracting their body, similar to an inchworm. Their bodies appear to be hollow, or have a hallow space inside them, because their entire body is around the branch that they are on.

Game information

Squishy bugs have there entire body on a branch, and due to this they cannot be shaken off, unlike most enemies with this ability, they move on horizontal or vertical parts of branches, mainly metal branches. They move fluidly up and down the Branches, but will only move between a certain area. Due to the squishy bugs taking up an entire part of a Branch, they can easily become a nuisance by taking up places Canopy could grab, or colliding with Canopy's hand.

Squishy bugs cannot be killed due to bomb fruit not being in levels squishy bugs are in. Squishy bugs have a slightly spherical body, with one end having the creatures slightly long lips, with the other side having there rear end. The slightly spherical body of the creature also has its large eyes.


Normally they keep anything in their "slide area", so the player has to wait to take the fruit/node.


  • All the enemies in Canopy, including the squishy bug, have eyes similar to Chiseler from the Chisel series.

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