This article is about squids from Twang. For squids from other games, please see Squid.

Twang squid
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Jumping out of water
Game(s) Twang
Squids are enemies in the game Twang.
Squid Retro

In the Retro skin


Squids have completely white bodies, with an arrow-tip shaped head. They have 4 legs/tentacles, that is located on the bottom of the squid. They have white eyes with a black "mask" around them, almost like a raccoon. Squids also have purple mouths that are in an "O" shape.

Game information

They spend their time swimming around in the magic ocean, and will jump up out of the ocean at regular intervals. If Black Ball, touches a squid, he will lose one of his hearts. The player usually has to time their jump over the magic ocean if there are squids located there.

Other appearances

  • Retro skin - A squid appears jumping out of the water.


  • They highly resemble Bloopers from the Mario series.