This article is about squids from Calamari. For squids from other games, please see Squids.

Calamari-redsquid Calamari-greensquid
The red squid (left) and green squid (right) in game
Gender Unspecified
Species Squid
Faction None
Health One hit
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Calamari

Squids are the main characters in the game Calamari.


Squids have a rectangular head, with the edges of the head being smooth, and three tentacles beneath their head. Each squid has a black eyebrow. Two yellow eyes containing a black pupil are found under the eyebrow. On the face of a squids is a permanent frown on its mouth that squids uses to shoot eggs out of.

As there is a squid for each player, and each squid has to be distinguished from each other, squids come in two colours. The first colour of squid is the red squid, used by player one. This squid has a red body - red coloured head and tentacles - and a green coloured mouth. The green squid - used by player two - appears having a green body and tentacles, and a red mouth.

Game information

Squids can move left and right, and jump when the Up arrow key is pressed. Squids can walk on some blocks, and also from their shoot eggs. The attack of squids is to fire eggs. Eggs that it walks into it will collect, and can fire immediately once the egg is collected.

A fired egg can damage damageable blocks, or destroy weak blocks. Squids are killed when they are hit by a hazardous object or crushed between two blocks or between a block and a wall. When killed, they will usually be respawned once, and if killed again receiving a game over.

Other appearances

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