This article is about squids from Swindler 2. For squids from other games, please see Squids.

Squid orange goo
Liquid SquidSquid orange goo
A squid orange goo with its tentacles out while moving (left), and a squid orange goo with its tentacles in (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Game(s) Swindler 2

Squid orange goo are enemies in the game Swindler 2.


Squid orange goo have a head that looks similar to a chicken heart, which, looks like a triangle with smooth, non-linear lines. On the head of the squid is a face, which appears as two small eyes and a squiggle for a mouth.

Extending down from the bottom of the head is an orange, quite solid tentacle. At the top left and right sides of this tentacle is two smaller tentacles. Squid orange goo move by retracting their side tentacles in and pushing them out, like the commonly depicted movement of a jellyfish. Every time they push outward to propel forward, a little goo is released from them (although they never seem to get smaller).

Game information

Squid orange goo is introduced in level ten of Swindler 2. It moves around as if in an invisible square/hexagon. They will move in one direction, then either move at an angle acute to their previous movement, or continue moving on. When the player approaches them, they will move towards the player. Because of their wide turns, the player is able to get to a point where the squid can only move in a circle around them.

They will continue to chase the player until the player gets out of range or they detach from their their cord. The squid will not chase Swindler if his cord is taken off (using loops). If a squid orange goo is chasing the player, and the player gets out of range, the squid orange goo will reverse direction and just move around aimlessly. Squid orange goo rebound off walls, and are often encountered with only one squid per a room (with the exception of two rooms in Swindler 2 that have two squid orange goo).

Squid orange goo will not reverse direction or rebound off another creature or another squid orange goo. Squid orange goo don't only move at an angle acute to their previous angle of direction when they meet the edge of where they can move, they will also do this when impacting a wall.

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