Squeak the Dog is a character in the game Hot Air Jr., and main objective of Hot Air Jr. He has been kidnapped by the giant spike ball, very similar to how Hot Air's wife was kidnapped by Baron von Blimp in the previous game Hot Air 2.


Squeak is a red-orange balloon dog with brown eyebrows and white eyes. His appearance is exactly like balloon dogs that clowns make for children.

Game information

Squeak the Dog is only found in the opening and ending of the game. Reminiscent of Hot Air 2's battle with Baron von Blimp, Squeak is held in a room that requires a key to gain access to. This key is given once the boss is defeated.


At some point in time, the Hot Air family bought or somehow obtained a dog. One day, Hot Air Jr.'s mother told him to play outside, and his father suggested he play with his dog. Hot Air Jr agreed, and went outside to play with Squeak. While they were playing, the giant spike ball fell from the sky and abducted Squeak. He then surrounded Hot Air Jr. with mines, locking him inside. After many trials, Hot Air Jr came to the place where Squeak was being held, and he dueled the giant spike ball.

Hot Air Jr has two endings. In one, Squeak is rescued, but in the other he is not.


Hot Air Jr - Good Ending

Hot Air Jr - Good Ending

The two playing fetch together

Hot Air Jr. defeated the ball in battle, and he surrendered the key to Squeak's imprisonment. Hot Air Jr. rescued his dog, and the dog recovered from his trauma after playing a game of fetch.

Not rescued

Hot Air Jr - Evil Ending

Hot Air Jr - Evil Ending

Hot Air Jr. destroyed the giant spike ball even after he surrendered, and then went to get the rest of the enemies, but forgetting about Squeak.