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Square Meal 2
Released Never released
Levels Unknown
Genre Action

←↑↓→ - Move, space bar - Spit or eat block/enemy

Prequel/Sequel Prequel: Square Meal
Development time ?
Credits Art
Special Never released

Square Meal 2 is the cancelled sequel of Square Meal. The game went into development in 2008, before the release of the horror skin. Its existence was revealed in the first post in the Memory Lane section of the Nitrome blog.


(Note: The controls are based of the controls from the previous game)
Green troll


Eat: Space
Blue troll

Move:W keyA keyS keyD key

Eat: Ctrl key


Square Meal 2 went into development before the horror skin, how long before the horror skin is unknown. Work on it was stopped so that work on other games; or skins, could be done. The game was soon forgotten entirely for 4 years. A cameo was placed in the horror skin of one of the enemies, which left Nitromians puzzled what it was as Square Meal 2 had not even been mentioned.

In Nitrome's first blog post using the Memory Lane banner, they brought up Square Meal 2. What state the game was in, and what one enemy was was revealed in the post. It is not known if Nitrome will finish the game, or leave it unfinished.


It is assumed gameplay is the same as in Square Meal. They player, using blocks, has to use blocks to knock out enemies and eat them. New blocks would likely have been introduced, as well as new enemies and traps.


It is not known how many levels Square Meal 2 would have had. Many sequels retain the same amount of levels as there predecessors, so it is possible Square Meal 2 would have fifty levels like Square Meal 1.

Were square

A weresquare


The only known enemy of Square Meal 2 is the weresquare. Like Square Meal 2, its behavior is mentioned only in the Memory Lane blog post Square Meal 2's existence was revealed in. Enemies from the original Square Meal as well as new enemies would likely appear.


An Orange Troll was meant to appear in the game, and appears exactly as it appeared in the "Icebreaker Now Has Achievements!" trailer. Not much is known about this troll, except what Nitrome has said about it.


The troll (trophy stand was likely only added for the "Icebreaker Now Has Achievements!" video)

Nitrome revealed the Orange Troll's existence in a comment on the Icebreaker Now With Achievements! blog post. In the comment, they stated:

Orange Troll...good point! He was in the assets for the proposed ( but now not happening) sequel that was started many years back so I guess that's where that came from or maybe Giuseppe just thought it would be fun to make him another colour. It's not hinting at anything though sorry!


The comment

Icebreaker Now Has Achievements!03:09

Icebreaker Now Has Achievements!

The video


Square Meal 2 - Facebook

The comment

  • Square Meal 2 falls into the category of being cancelled, as it is currently not being worked on.
  • On their Facebook page, Nitrome replied to a comment, saying that it was unlikely that they would get back to Square Meal 2, but that it might happen sometime in the future.

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