This article is about springs from Onekey. For springs from other games, please see Springs.

Brown spring Brown spring 2  Grey Spring Grey Spring 2
Brown and grey springs sprung and unsprung
Ability Bounces the tribesman
Game(s) Onekey

Springs are interactive objects in Onekey. Two types of springs are encountered throughout the game: brown springs and grey springs.


Both types of springs appear as a small slab on top of a yellow rock. The slab differs in colour depending on the spring, appearing brown for brown springs and grey for grey ones.

Game information

The slab on springs will move up when space is pressed, propelling the tribesman up if it is on a spring. The difference between brown springs and grey springs is that grey springs propel the tribesman up higher.

In terms of occurrence, in the early levels of Onekey brown springs are only seen, but in the later levels grey springs appear more frequently in later levels, almost to the point that brown springs are never seen at all.

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