This article is about springs from J-J-Jump. For springs from other games, please see Springs.

JJjumpspring JJJumpspringjump
A spring (left) and a spring when bouncing (right)
Ability Causing the teeny hero to bounce
Game(s) J-J-Jump

Springs are interactive objects in the game J-J-Jump. They enable the teeny hero to bounce without using up any J-J-Jump juice.


Springs are a mixture of blue hues in colour, while the top is a solid line of pink. When the spring is moved, it will stand a little taller than before (meaning a few extra pixels are added to the bottom).

Game information

Springs cause the teeny hero to bounce when stepped on, and do not take away J-J-Jump juice when bounced on. They usually enable the teeny hero to access higher areas when he is out of J-J-Jump juice, or he does not have enough to reach the area.

When the teeny hero touches a spring, he will jump the same height as normal single jump. If he does not jump off it, but lands on it a second time instead, then he will do a flip at the climax of his jump (which will cause him to go a little bit higher).

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