This article is about springs from Enemy 585. For springs from other games, please see Springs.

Spring (Enemy 585)
Ability Bounces Enemy 585 up
Game(s) Enemy 585

Springs are interactive objects in the game Enemy 585.


The spring is the size of a one by one block in Enemy 585. It's split in half horizontally, where the bottom half is the colour and texture of normal blocks, but the top half appears to be a circular metallic platform, which extends to launch the player when the player steps on it.

Game Information

After their first appearance in level 6-3, they appear very frequently throughout Enemy 585. When Enemy 585 walks over spring, he will be sprung high up in the air, and then fall down (about three blocks away from where the spring is). In some levels, Turner, with springs on himself will have to move while Enemy 585 is in the air, so when he falls he is sprung up into the air again.

Springs will only bounce Enemy 585 off themselves, it will not bounce anything else (except for helmets which automatically bounce off them). Springs will not only bounce Enemy 585 when he walks on them, they can also bounce Enemy 585 horizontally when his back is to the springs or when he walks into them.

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