Abilities Setting off the alarm
Game(s) Final Ninja

Spotlights[1] are hazards in the game Final Ninja. Spotlights are very similar to trip wire lasers that appear only in the prequel, Final Ninja Zero.


Spotlights appear as a blue circle projected on the wall by an off-screen projector. The circle and the bar near the circle are all made of light. A second version of spotlight projects a circle inside a box. This variation makes objects appear as different and rather weird colours when it hovers over them.

Game information

Spotlights first appear on level eight, in secret lab one. They appear in groups. Spotlights have a set move pattern, as some move horizontally, while others vertically, and some in rectangles or squares. They never deviate from their set path, enabling the player to time his movements without fear of the spotlight switching direction on him. Like trip wire lasers, spotlights will set off the alarm if Takeshi gets in their sight. They will also disappear when the alarm is on, and then reappear when the alarm is set off.

Also like trip wire lasers, Takeshi can avoid them by going into stealth, which is sometimes needed to pass areas. Spotlights are usually near force fields, so if they do catch Takeshi he can not escape. Spotlights in some cases could be considered more likely to catch Takeshi, and in other cases not. Spotlights make few appearances in Final Ninja, although they come in numbers on the levels they do appear in.


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